Risk Recognition21c 



What is risk recognition?



The practice of illuminating unseen risk and opportunity by viewing an enterprise through a lens of education: 



"Do we, directly and/or indirectly, help our customers and colleagues cultivate talents for being effective in the economy and the world?"


Being able to answer, “Yes,” and to articulate why the answer is, “Yes,” is critical to a company’s survival in Economy 21c.



What does the marketplace show about the need for risk recognition? 

It is a necessity.



27 of the 30 largest American corporations state that customer connection matters to them. 

Company web sites (March 2017) 


58% of CEOs surveyed report that they are somewhat or extremely concerned about the threat to company growth presented by lack of customer trust in business. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers Global CEO Survey (2017)


...And yet...


Only 18% of Americans surveyed have confidence in big business.

Gallup Poll (June 2016)




25 of the 30 largest American corporations state that employee development matters to them. 

Company web sites (March 2017)


77% of CEOs surveyed say the availability of key skills is one of the top 3 threats to enterprise growth prospects.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Global CEO Survey (2017)


...And yet...


Only 33% of US employees are engaged—i.e., involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and their workplace.

Gallup State of the American Worker Survey (2017)


Only 4 in 10 US workers strongly agree that in the last year, they have had opportunities at work to learn and grow.

Gallup State of the American Worker Survey (2017)



How do we serve this need?



We deliver legal acumen and strategy that empowers global innovators to capitalize the link between risk recognition, value creation and enterprise leadership.


We help people turn risk, uncertainty and crisis into economic brilliance and societal contribution.



What feedback do we receive and why?



"Your advice was invaluable … you really cut to the heart of the matter quickly and cleanly ... We're really pleased to have this locked up and I'm personally grateful for your creativity, your wise counsel, and your legal counsel.”

Managing Director,

global management consulting firm



"Your brainstorming, listening and thinking out loud with us was an invaluable help.  We all felt your sincere interest in our work, too...[We] were impressed and relieved to have your guidance for [the board]."  

CEO, global Silicon Valley corporation



Why this enthusiastic response?  Our insights and practical advice give clients the keys to drive the enterprise toward pivotal windows of opportunity that are open today, but not indefinitely:


  • Avoid financial, reputational and growth pitfalls of existing regulatory and contractual obligations.


  • Avoid pitfalls of possible future increase/decrease in regulatory obligations.


  • Anticipate and sidestep market risks presented by regulatory beneficiaries—i.e., those who could vote with their dollars, their feet, or their ballots.


  • Sharpen values needed to make wise choices on crucial decisions.


  • Articulate competitive advantage more boldly.


  • Strengthen market reputation--with customers, employees, investors, regulators, media--as an enterprise building America’s future.


  • Improve existing revenue streams, based on a stronger connection to customers.


  • Create new revenue streams, based on a stronger connection to customers.


  • Negotiate deals more effectively.


  • Improve employee work by adding dimension of empowerment to leadership practices.


  • Give the Board a 21st century tool for navigating the current economy.








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