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Help innovators turn risk, uncertainty and crisis into economic brilliance and societal contribution.


Help innovators capitalize the link between risk recognition, value creation, and enterprise leadership. 


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Innovator Education  Introduction.  The new model for addressing legal, regulatory and enterprise risk.  The link between risk recognition, value creation and enterprise leadership.  The opportunities presented by capitalizing that link.


Project-based Assessment I  Analysis + advice:  risks and opportunities arising from radical change in the legal landscape of an existing market.


Project-based Assessment II  Analysis + advice:   legal risks and related opportunities likely to be encountered in a new market.


Enterprise-based Assessment  An operational review, through the lens of risk recognition, value creation and enterprise leadership.


These offerings complement both the enterprise's risk minimization process and its value creation strategy. 


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Recent Projects



Prepare enterprise-based Risk Recognition + Regulatory Assessment, plus Competitive Market Analysis, for global education enterprise.  Co-author business plan.



Prepare project-based Risk Recognition + Regulatory Assessment on federal and 50-state regulatory landscape confronted by European daily fantasy sport enterprise considering entry into U.S. market. 



Prepare project-based Risk Recognition + Regulatory Assessment on university revenue sports industry.



Work as general counsel for Silicon Valley company, advising on all matters, including employment, regulatory, insurance, governance, real property and litigation.



Design and orchestrate successful sale of excess asset under deadline pressure, freeing private enterprise from $2 million liability.



Recent Reaction



"Your advice was invaluable … you really cut to the heart of the matter quickly and cleanly ... We're really pleased to have this locked up and I'm personally grateful for your creativity, your wise counsel, and your legal counsel.”

Managing Director, global management consulting firm



"Your brainstorming, listening and thinking out loud with us was an invaluable help.  We all felt your sincere interest in our work, too...[We] were impressed and relieved to have your guidance for [the board]."  

CEO, global Silicon Valley corporation



"Thank you for your great collaboration in this transaction.  Thank you for putting all the extra hours (even on weekends) and keeping the pressure on the other side.  You played a key role to unlock the deal.  It was a pleasure working with you." 

VP Corporate & Legal Affairs, publicly traded enterprise



"Bill's efforts saved the day for us...He got the job done in difficult, time-critical circumstances in an environment that he was not familiar with and with people he did not know...Bill is very good at explaining complicated legal issues in clear and relatively simple terms." 

Private Client






"Today's ideals may become tomorrow's minimum standards for avoiding a charge of director negligence."

William M. McKenzie







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