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F E A T U R E D  P R A C T I C E  |  R E G U L A T O R Y


Risks posed by uncertain regulatory climates cloak strategic opportunity.  WDE helps start-ups and multi-nationals uncloak that opportunity.


WDE provides the regulatory risk models that help companies build a more valuable enterprise and an impact role as a global economic leader.


The practice serves North American and European enterprises operating in fintech, peer-to-peer commerce, autonomous vehicle tech and other regulatory environments that are undeveloped, unattended or unsettled.




T W O  R E G U L A T O R Y  R O A D S


       Destined for Regret     
Emerging as a Leader

One company

  • Mistakes regulatory vacuum for regulatory approval


  • Overlooks society’s possible need to regulate the services company provides


  • Dismisses opportunity to engage with regulators to cultivate fresh thinking about that possible need

One company


  • Sees that regulatory ineffectiveness in education may undercut company’s ability to attract educated employees and customers to fuel growth


  • Develops free coding curriculum and distributes it to be taught in more than 30 US community colleges
  • Class action lawsuits filed against company in six states


  • Orders to cease operations issued to company by attorney generals in multiple states


  • Company pays multiple seven-figure fines
  • Company hailed by one mayor as "...a force multiplier in the community's ongoing efforts to lift 10,000 out of poverty and into good jobs..."
  • Company web site claims, “We’re the leader [in the industry]...”
  • Program expands to include more than 20 universities outside US


  • Australian university president notes, “These are the sort of skills Australians need for the jobs of the future.” 


  • Company posts record 4th quarter revenue




O N E  U N I Q U E  V O I C E


Clients say the WDE regulatory risk model illuminates risks and opportunities that others overlook.  They say the model triggers steps that strengthen four dimensions of company strategy


  • improve economic results
  • limit regulatory confrontation
  • strengthen enterprise impact
  • emerge as a global leader


The model incorporates licensing, compliance, thought partnership, legislative advocacy and economic leadership.


It is complemented by a blend of legal strategy, advocacy and transactional expertise that clients call "meticulous," "creative" and "invaluable." 


The model is also the pro-active, low-cost alternative to hiring high-priced litigators for regulatory showdowns that are embarrassing, expensive and avoidable. 




N E X T  S T E P



Email info@wdesquire.com to receive the brochure on the architecture and value of a WDE regulatory risk model.


Call 650-964-2400 to set up a free discussion on how your company will benefit from a WDE regulatory risk model. 


Call 650-964-2400 to arrange a presentation of the newest WDE program


Building Your Company amid Regulatory Turmoil: 

Seven Keys to Multi-jurisdiction Operations & Global Economic Leadership

  See Corporate Model to learn more on how companies and careers are transformed by building a model at the intersection where regulatory risk meets value creation and leadership.




L A T E S T  C L I E N T  R E A C T I O N


"Your advice was invaluable … you really cut to the heart of the matter quickly and cleanly ... We're really pleased to have this locked up and I'm personally grateful for your creativity, your wise counsel, and your legal counsel.”

Managing Director, global management consulting firm




L A T E S T  P R O G R A M


"Regulatory Risk, Value Creation & Leadership:  A New Model for Growth"

San Francisco Technology Campus

August 2, 2017

Learn more at www.rocketspace.com



Excerpt   "Beyond Compliance, to Global Economic Leadership:  Where to Find Opportunity amid Regulatory Risk"



  • Insights on thriving in a regulatory vacuum:  the nuances of opportunity when existing regulations may not apply, and new ones may be years away


  • The case for doing more than minimum legal duty:  how social responsibility, ethics and charity are morphing into risk management


  • Competing in a trust-based economy, where everyone watches every breath you take




L A T E S T  I N K



A Post-Regulatory Recipe for Economic Leadership

Inside Compliance | Loyola University Chicago School of Law

September 19, 2017


At a time when many corporate leaders focus on the perils of overregulation, the greatest regulatory risk an enterprise confronts may not be high compliance hurdles, but rather the possibility that regulators can’t keep the economy functioning well enough for the enterprise to do its most commercially inventive and societally valued work...




L A T E S T  P R O J E C T S


Create multi-state Regulatory Risk Model for fintech enterprise considering different approaches to unsettled regulatory environment for digital currency. 


Create fifty-state Regulatory Risk Model for European daily fantasy sports enterprise considering entry into North American market.


Create Regulatory Risk Model for global social + emotional learning education enterprise.




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